7 Amazing Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

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In this post, we will be discussing 8 more amazing benefits of a vegetarian diet! These benefits of a vegetarian diet are presented to help anyone who is curious about trying this diet out for themselves! 🙂 

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Have you ever wondered what life-changing benefits a vegetarian diet can bring!?

Many people often consider these great health benefits when choosing to make a change and remove meat from their diet. I made this change about three years ago and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

For the majority of my life, my diet consisted of meat and various animal products.

At one point I used to eat 6 meals a day while weight training. All of the meals had to have tons of protein. Thus, I found myself eating lots and lots of chicken!

This wasn’t a big deal at the time because I needed to put on muscle and get stronger for the sport I played in high school.  Fast forward to the present and I have now completely cut meat right out of my diet and eat maybe once or twice a day. For more about my story go here.

Not only was eating so many times demanding, but I also found myself eating more and more unhealthy during those days. 

Can you guess which diet/ way of life feels the best out of the two??

It is without a doubt my current vegetarian diet!! 

A Vegetarian Diet Can Give You More Energy! 

I feel so much lighter and have a lot more energy as a result. One funny thing that I’ve found after eating less, is that we think we need to eat a lot of food for energy. 

While yes, we do need food to power our bodies. It is also true that the type of food, as well as the quantity of food, can make us more lethargic and tired.

Fasting can actually help sustain our energy which goes against the principle of eating food for energy. 

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When I fast I actually feel more energized, than when I used to eat almost every two hours. 

I’ll explain fasting in a different post… But let’s continue. 

Furthermore, vegetarian meals are light and easy to digest (when eaten in the correct proportion). This means that our bodies do not need to spend as much energy breaking down the food during the digestion process. 

This allows the body more energy to be more productive in our day!

Now, who doesn’t want that!!?

Still on the fence about trying out this diet…?

Check out my previous article: 8 Insanely Convincing Reasons You Should Go Vegetarian Right Now! for even more benefits of this truly amazing diet. 

By the end of this post, I hope you’ll learn some incredible benefits of the vegetarian diet and show how it can be a great lifestyle choice for anyone!

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1. Clear & Healthy Skin 

Woman smiling with clear skin. Benefits of a vegetarian diet.

It should come as no surprise that switching over to a plant-based diet can improve one’s skin and possibly clear up acne. I diet with organic foods and plenty of water just sounds like it could produce great benefits! 

Many studies suggest that acne is correlated with hormones in dairy in possible certain types of meat. Many sources recommend limiting dairy or removing it completely for a vegan diet.

This will for sure help, however from my personal experience, I feel that dairy in small portions can also be okay.

 For more on how plant-based diets can help with acne go here!

2. Improve Bone Health

benefits of a vegetarian diet

One of the major misconceptions of a vegetarian diet or any plant-based diet for that matter is the concept of not getting enough nutrients. 

And the biggest question of all… Where do you get your PROTEIN!???

Besides that, the common notion among people who haven’t tried a plant-based diet is that you are sacrificing nutrients and that you do not have a “complete” diet. 

This could not be further from the truth. In fact, plant-based diets are packed with nutrients! These nutrients then contribute to strong bone health. 

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According to, eating plant-based foods actually helps our bodies absorb calcium at a higher rate than from cow’s milk. 

3. Decrease Asthma Symptoms

benefits of a vegetarian diet

Now I’ll be honest before I became a vegetarian, I had no idea that this was one of the benefits haha. 

Apparently, plant-based foods along with reducing dairy, can reduce inflammation and reduce asthma symptoms! 

Wow, who knew!!???

Go here for more on why plant-based diets are great for reducing asthma symptoms. 

4. Reduce The Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

benefits of a vegetarian diet

One of the main reasons a plant-based diet can help reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes is the fact that this diet mostly helps one maintain a healthy weight. 

In addition to reducing inflammation, removing meat from your diet can reduce the amount of cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium. 

Check out for more!

5. Improve Insulin Response

benefits of a vegetarian diet

In relation to lowering one’s risk of Type 2 Diabetes, plant-based diets have also been shown to give individuals a much healthier insulin sensitivity level compared to their omnivore counterparts.

This has partly been attributed to reduced “inflammation and oxidative stress” claims Check out their article here!  

6. Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

benefits of a vegetarian diet

According to, vegetarians have been shown to reduce many factors that contribute to heart disease. 

These include: lowering one’s blood pressure, improving cholesterol levels, maintaining a healthy weight, less risk of Type 2 Diabetes and stroke. 

Having all of these factors in order and not at risk, one has a better chance of fending off any type of heart problem especially heart disease. 

7. Better Digestion

benefits of a vegetarian diet

In addition to a healthy heart, they say that a good digestive system is a sign of good health. 

At least that’s what I’ve heard lol. 

Plant-based diets are filled with fiber and nutrients! This diet is also very light on the gut and digestive organs. Thus the body doesn’t have to work hard to break down the food. 

This process takes less energy from your body and actually allows you to use more of your body’s energy instead of feeling extremely sluggish. 

This article by goes into greater detail on the amazing benefits plant-based foods have on your digestion!

Bonus: It’s Environmentally Friendly 

benefits of a vegetarian diet

Now this one surprised me for sure! 

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According to, “over 51 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to animal agriculture.”

This means that it’s not so much eating plant-based foods that are helping the environment per se. It’s actually the mass production of meat products that contributes to the pollution problem that we face. 

This is an interesting fact but I’m sure when you’re hungry, this fact may be swept under the rug. Which is OKAY!

Not everyone has to be vegetarian, but it is useful to recognize the negative impact of producing and processing meat. 


Overall, removing meat from your diet can have many benefits! 

I encourage anyone who wants to try a vegetarian diet or even a vegan diet to just GO FOR IT! 

It will definitely be worth it as you get older and it’s something that anyone should consider in order to live a long & healthy life.

Closing Thoughts 

Now some of the parts in this post may seem more anti-dairy than anti-meat. 

I personally don’t drink milk regularly anymore. I still eat cheese but have been cutting back recently because I have found that my body functions better without it. 

But that’s just me! I think someone should pick out which foods suit them best. 

If you’re switching to a vegetarian diet, consider which foods you enjoy, and aside from meat, figure out which other foods you may want to leave behind. 

Eating dairy is still allowed in a vegetarian diet, however, too much of it may cause constipation as well as inflammation and mucus in the body. 

As stated above, I would recommend eating dairy sparingly but you don’t need to cut it off completely as those crazy vegans do…

Haha only joking 😉 

Thanks for reading! Now you have a better idea of the amazing benefits of a vegetarian diet 🙂

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