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16 Helpful Minimalist Items That Will Declutter And Organize Your Home

Small cozy living room in white flat, declutter and organize your home

This post is all about minimalist items that will help you to declutter and organize your home!

Decluttering can be a very time-consuming and arduous task. 

I definitely don’t recommend buying more junk when in the midst of decluttering large amounts of things in your home or apartment, however, I do believe there are some items that can be used to organize and allow you to have a more clutter-free living space. 

These items are perfect to replace any items that may be adding clutter to your space and hurting your organization. Thus, these items are better to purchase after you’ve already started to declutter a bit. 

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

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declutter and organize your home

1. Kindle 

digital books with kindle mint color used to declutter and organize your home

No this may not be the best option for those who love physical books, but if you’re able to put some of your books in a digital copy on a kindle, it can do tremendous to clean up the physical clutter in your living space. 

If you enjoy physical books and have a special bookshelf this is perfectly fine, but if you’d like to minimize and have the least amount of physical clutter I highly recommend using a kindle. 

I personally have a few physical books that I really enjoy, but the majority of my books on my kindle app on my phone and on my kindle. 

2. Minimalist Clothes Rack

minimalist clothes rack to declutter and organize your home

This minimalist clothes rack has many different purposes

I personally use this rack for my entire wardrobe. However, it can be used as a coat rack, used for seasonal clothing, or used to create a capsule wardrobe. 

This can also be used instead of your traditional closet. Clothes racks help you save space and visualize all of your clothing at once. This can help speed up your morning routine when getting dressed. 

3. Charging Station

declutter and organize your home

This is one of my favorite organizational products to declutter and organize your home! 

A charging station is great for keeping all of your family’s electronics charged and in one place. Not to mention the fact that your devices will be placed in the charging station. This is great for giving your kids a break from their electronics. 

4. Office Desk Organizer

declutter and organize your home with an office desk organizer

An office desk organizer is essential for keeping all of your important files together! Important documents for taxes and personal info can easily be accessed in one place. 

5. Wireless earbuds

white wireless earbuds to declutter and organize your home

Wireless earbuds are great for clearing up the clutter of messy wires on your desk. You’ll have less visual clutter and be able to do chores around the house without worrying about wires getting in the way. 

6. Rice Cooker

rice cooker with rice on bottom tray and veggies on top tray

This rice cooker is great for simplifying your cooking equipment. Rice cookers are great for making quick and simple meals. 

The meals aren’t just for rice, but for cooking veggies, oatmeal, and more!

7. Electric kettle

electric kettle used to declutter and organize your kitchen

This electric kettle is an underrated kitchen item.

It’s perfect for heating up water, tea, or lemon water very fast without using the stove. In addition, it’s much better to use than a microwave. Go here for some negatives about microwaves and why you should avoid them! 

They are also great for coffee, oatmeal, and pasta! 

8. Magic Bullet

declutter and organize your kitchen

Magic bullets are excellent for saving space and good for replacing those large bulky blenders that take up too much space. 

9. Laptop Stand

declutter and organize your workspace

A laptop stand is an amazing addition to your desk setup! 

It’s more ergonomic and organizes your workspace. I use my laptop stand with a separate keyboard and it really helps me keep a good desk posture compared to how I used to work hunched over from looking down at my laptop when I didn’t have a stand. 

10. Phone Stand

declutter and organize your workspace

Again this phone stand is another great option to organize your desk space! 

I like having my phone on a stand to watch videos and also it just feels better to have it on a stand than just flat on the desk. 

11. Water Purifier

declutter and organize your home

This water purifier is a great investment that I highly recommend for many reasons:

  • Saves money on bottled water
  • Clean water with an easy filter system
  • Less clutter from bottled water cases

I recommend getting some cases of water for emergencies, but consistently getting cases of water seems like such overkill if you have a good water filter. 

12. Minimalist Wallet

declutter and organize

This minimalist wallet is a clear winner for anyone wanting to minimize this everyday item. It’s the clear choice to replace an old bulky wallet and will take up less space in your pocket.

13. Bathroom Organizer

declutter and organize your bathroom

This bathroom organizer is a simple tool to keep your daily toiletries organized! I like the fact that its simple and it takes up less space.


14. Glass Containers

declutter and organize your home

These glass containers are great for:

  • Meal prep
  • Leftovers
  • Organizing fruit and other food
  • Lunch containers 


15. Amazon Fire Stick

declutter and organize your home

Even though smart TVs are becoming the new norm, an amazon fire stick is a great way to enjoy all of the media you love without the costs of cable.

16. Packing cubes

organize your home and travel

Packing cubes are one of my favorite tools to organize and declutter your home. They’re not only great for travel but great for storing clothes at home and organizing seasonal clothes!

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