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Minimalism For Beginners: 8 Simple Steps to Start Practicing Minimalism

Minimalism for beginners: Minimalism is a widely popular term nowadays. Many people seem to gravitate towards this type of lifestyle.

However, some may seem to think it is a bit extreme.

Although there is a wide range of people who have embraced and are interested in simplifying their lives, not many know exactly how or where to start.

In this post, we’ll help you learn the steps to start practicing minimalism! I hope you find inspiration and start to realize the benefits that simple living and minimalism can bring into your life.

Main Points:

  • Start practicing minimalism by embracing a minimalist mindset where you become content with less and learn to declutter things that don’t serve you anymore.
  • Decluttering your wardrobe and other personal items will relieve tons of stress and make your life much easier.
  • Be careful with your spending and shopping habits. You don’t want to add more junk into your life after you already took the time to declutter.
  • Get inspired by minimalist content: reading blog posts, watching YouTube videos, etc.

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Minimalism For Beginners

Here are tips and steps to start practicing minimalism…

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism has many different definitions.

I’ve read tons of different articles with different explanations. However, the common factor in all of them was the fact that most people were doing this to live life to the fullest.

And to improve their lives in some way.

In my book, there is no exact way to live a minimalist lifestyle. It will be different for each person…

However, I believe minimalism at the core (at least for me) is about focusing on what’s most important in life and getting rid of anything that doesn’t provide you with value or happiness.

In essence: “living more with less” as you may have heard or read before.

I don’t think people should get rid of all of their stuff and live like a monk (This might be one of the biggest misconceptions about minimalism).

For most people, this is not practical nor is it possible. Not to mention the fact that it is simply not something most people would want to do…

But what do the majority of people want to do at some point in their lives…?:

Find some way to improve themselves and add a little more happiness.

Oftentimes we think possessions will bring us closer to this happiness, but sometimes this just isn’t the case. Once the excitement of owning a new thing has worn off, we may feel that same sort of feeling of “I want more”.

Then we look to add more items into our lives and the cycle goes on and on…

This brings me to my next point.

Minimalism is an Ever-Changing Journey

The minimalist lifestyle that you choose is not set in stone. You can add or reduce items whenever you want.

My point here is that this lifestyle isn’t about the “stuff” you own. This lifestyle is all about finding out what brings YOU the most joy in life. 

Depending on your lifestyle, I think it’s also fine to buy things occasionally that you may not “need” as well. 

The emphasis is on removing the clutter that serves no purpose for you and that just lays around never to be used. 

What about collections you may ask…? Well again, this would be totally fine if you find value and enjoyment in it.

Overall, I believe living a simple life and embracing a minimalist lifestyle can help bring you closer to this simple happiness that we seek.

Why Practice Minimalism?

Now that we’ve gone over a brief explanation of a minimalist lifestyle, here are just a few reasons why you should start practicing minimalism:

  • You will have less clutter and less stress/anxiety
  • It will be easy for you to move if you plan on living in another state or country after college
  • You will save a lot more money in the long run
  • The items you do own will give you real value
  • You will have the ability to pay off debt faster

Minimalism For Beginners: 8 Simple Steps to Start Practicing Minimalism

1. Develop Your Minimalist Mindset

This is the first step in your transition. And it’s all about developing your minimalist mindset. 

You will need to reverse your consumerist mindset and start thinking of ways to remove the clutter that you have accumulated.

The main thing to focus on in the beginning is your shopping habits. You will need to stop buying things (or keep them to a minimum), at least in the beginning because you must focus on decluttering first.

I know I said it’s okay to buy things, but when starting out you wanna keep these purchases to a minimum at least that way you can sell, trash, or keep the other things that you currently have first. 

Buying a necklace or something like that is okay, but just remember it will be harder to get rid of things if there are still more items being added to your list.

Next, you will want to think about what type of minimalist lifestyle is ideal for you:

2. Start Your Decluttering Process

minimalism for beginners

After developing your mindset and ideal minimalist lifestyle (which can change over time), It’s time to start the decluttering process!

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe should be the number one priority when it comes to minimalism for beginners. This is where the majority of us have extra clothes hanging in our closets that never see the light of day. 

Do your best to purge your wardrobe and don’t be afraid to get rid of stuff you never wear.

This will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. I can definitely say from experience that this has made my life so much easier.

Not to mention the fact that I have been able to remake my wardrobe and only wear the clothes I really enjoy. 

Declutter Your Personal Items

Separate these items into 4 categories:

  1. Keep
  2. Sell
  3. Trash
  4. “Maybe”

This will be difficult but remember what type of lifestyle you are after as mentioned above…

If you are looking to fit most of your belongings into a suitcase and travel then mostly everything will have to go (unless you can keep some of your belongings at a family member’s place).

Remember it’s a process and this will take time depending on how much stuff you have acquired over the years. 

I am personally still in the process of getting rid of a lot of my stuff hahah. 

3. Be Smart With Your Spending

As stated above this does not mean you can’t buy “stuff” anymore.

But it does mean you need to be mindful of your spending habits and create a budget.

Creating a budget will allow you to save more and catch yourself if you’re spending money on clothes or other items you don’t need.

Download our FREE Budget Template Bundle and take control of your spending today!

free budgeting template bundle

4. Take Action

Now that you have your plan in place, start practicing what you’ve learned above…

Plan everything out. Start figuring out what type of lifestyle you’d like and start your decluttering process.

This will take up the majority of your time and is the step that will actually make the change instead of being lazy and not doing anything about it at all. 

This seems obvious but needs to be said to encourage you to go after what you want and not just sit around waiting for things to change. 

It may seem like a daunting task if you have tons of stuff but don’t worry…

Just pick a day. Maybe sometime on the weekend you will categorize all of your stuff and organize it all for where it needs to go.

Maybe sort your clothes one day and then go through other personal items on a different day.                           

5. Maintain Your Minimalist Lifestyle

Now that you’re on the simple living path, it’s time to talk about maintaining this way of life. 

In life things change, we may get a new job, get a new pet, get married, have children, and the list goes on…

When these types of life-changing events happen, we will need to adjust our lives accordingly. Just because you have lived a certain type of minimalist lifestyle in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t make some adjustments.

Naturally, when having children comes into play, many changes will need to happen:

  • You may buy a house and have more space
  • Need to buy more things 
  • May have to change your minimalist mindset

When these lifestyle changes happen, just remember to find a minimal lifestyle that corresponds to your ideal life in that particular time and situation.

In this case, spending and acquiring are necessary but just be wary of falling back into the cycle of buying too many unnecessary things. 

6. Read Articles About Minimalism

minimalism at a young age

I believe this is an important part of practicing minimalism!

This is ultimately where I started. I was in college and looking for ways to improve my life.

The articles I came across inspired me and gave me the courage to try something different. 

Reading articles and watching YouTube videos about minimalism can bring many benefits:

  • See other people’s stories
  • Gain inspiration
  • Find a minimalist lifestyle to model after
  • Find a new perspective on life from others

7. Use Minimalist Items

Now when it comes to a minimalist lifestyle we want to get rid of a lot of junk. However, investing in certain items can be very beneficial to your new simple lifestyle. 

Also, many of these items can replace your previously owned items…

One of my favorite items that I bought was my minimalist wallet. After noticing how bulky my old wallet was and how much space it took up, I decided to give this wallet a try. After using it for more than a year now, I can say that I love it!

One of my favorite items that has saved me money is my water filter. This water filter jug has saved me tons of money because I never have to buy bottled water. 

8. Start a Blog and Become Your Own Boss

Many people think you can’t make money blogging but this is totally untrue. A successful blog will give you the ability to live whatever lifestyle you want:

  • If you want to travel full-time, you can do it
  • Do you want to live in a different state? You can do it
  • Want to move to a different country? You can do it

The point is that this type of business is simple and can be done anywhere. This allows you to live not only a happy life but also a life that will enable you to downsize and live minimally if you choose. 

Blogging Recommendations

Web Hosting

If you are interested in starting a blog, I recommend using a self-hosted site with SiteGround.

It’s relatively inexpensive to start out and gives you the freedom to run your own website, unlike a site which has limitations (All Full-time bloggers use a self-hosted site).

Blogging Courses

If you’re a new or aspiring blogger, I recommend one course to get you started (I’ve taken other courses but this course is all you need). This course is: Launch Your Blog Biz by Create and Go


I highly recommend Canva to any new bloggers. It’s a visual design publishing tool. All of the designs that you see on my site have been made with Canva!

Legal Pages

Finally, you need to make sure that your site is legal. There is no easier way to do this than investing in Legal Pages from a real lawyer and blogger.

Amira and her blog A Self Guru are determined to make sure your website is legal and protected. 

Once purchased, her legal pages take no more than 15-30 minutes to set up and have on your site. Now compare that to writing your own legal pages for months or even worse paying thousands for a lawyer to write them for you.


How to Become a Minimalist in 30 Days?

Learning to live a minimalist lifestyle as a beginner can be challenging, however you can become a minimalist in 30 days if you follow these tips:

  • Declutter Your Living Space
  • Develop a minimalist mindset
  • Create a minimalist wardrobe or capsule wardrobe
  • Keep your essential items
  • Create a budget
  • Manage your shopping habits

Becoming a Minimalist Checklist

Check out our Minimalist Checklists and start practicing minimalism today!

minimalist checklists

Modern Minimalism For Beginners

Living a minimalist lifestyle in modern society can be very challenging for beginners. Online shopping has made it easier than ever to spend and accumulate tons of unucesarry clutter into our lives.

In order to combat these shopping temptations, it’s vital that you have a minimalist lifestyle goal in mind and develop a mindset of “content with less” rather than looking for the next thing to buy or clothing piece to wear.

Final Thoughts

Whichever minimalist lifestyle you choose, just remember that you can always change if your personal life changes or if you just feel like it! 

Don’t forget it’s all a process and don’t forget to have fun with it. It’s about your personal happiness after all!

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