The top 15 minimalist kitchen essentials are just what your kitchen needs!

Personally, having a cluttered kitchen can be a serious pain in the butt. Owning only the most important kitchen items and having an organized kitchen allows me to make meals faster and with less headache when cleaning!

Not to mention having less “stuff” in your kitchen allows your space to stay neat and clean without much effort. This can really relieve some anxiety and give you peace of mind when you don’t have to worry about a giant mess in your minimalist kitchen!

Furthermore, minimalist kitchens are GREAT because:

  • Faster clean-up time
  • Your kitchen stays neat and organized most of the time
  • Less stress from a cluttered kitchen
  • Makes cooking easier/faster

Hopefully, this will inspire you to simplify your kitchen and consolidate some of the kitchen appliances and items that you currently use.

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minimalist kitchen essentials

The Top 15 Minimalist Kitchen Essentials:

Here are the top 15 minimalist kitchen items: 

  1. COSORI Speed-Boil Electric Kettle
  2. Magic Bullet Blender
  3. Instant Pot
  4. Aroma Rice Cooker
  5. Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer
  6. COMFEE’ Toaster Oven
  7. Paper Towel Holder
  8. Roll Up Dish Drying Rack
  9. Compact Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray
  10. 1Easylife Dish Drying Rack
  11. Ryhpez Under Sink Organizer
  12. YouCopia Foil Wrap Organizer
  13. PrepWorks ProKeeper Grain Storage Container
  14. KESOL 3-1 Kitchen Sink Caddy
  15. PUR Water Filter

1. COSORI Speed-Boil Electric Kettle

minimalist kitchen essentials

This electric kettle is simple to use with a clean design! It’s great for a quick tea and warm lemon water!

2. Magic Bullet Blender

minimalist kitchen items

The Magic Bullet has been one of my favorite kitchen items for years! I love the fact that it takes up little space and is super easy to use! This is my go-to blender for sweet-tasting fruit smoothies!

3. Instant Pot

minimalist kitchen essentials

The Instant Pot is another classic minimalist kitchen item that combines many different cooking functions into one! This kitchen appliance really helps to minimize the amount of stuff you need to cook and gives you more space!

4. Aroma Rice Cooker

minimalist rice cooker, minimal kitchen essentials

The Aroma Rice Cooker is another handy tool for your minimalist kitchen!

It’s added to the list despite the instant pot’s rice feature due to the fact that you may want to make the rice separately at the same time that you’re cooking/prepping other food like steaming vegetables.

5. Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer

minimalist mini air fryer, minimalist kitchen essentials

The Instant Pot Vortex Mini Air Fryer is a great way to heat up items quickly! Air fryers are very versatile and can make mealtime fast and simple!

6. COMFEE’ Toaster Oven

This Toaster Oven is another versatile cooking appliance that can be used to reheat or heat up items in a timely manner!

7. Paper Towel Holder

This paper towel holder is great for saving counter space and looks much better than the paper towel holders that clutter up the countertops.

8. Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

minimalist roll up dish drying rack, minimal kitchen essentials

This roll-up dish drying rack is the ultimate space-saving item! This provides great function and provides a decent amount of space for dishes to dry!

9. Compact Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray

This compact cutlery draw organizer is great for saving space and allowing room for other kitchen utensils rather than spoons and forks taking up the entire draw space!

10. 1Easylife Dish Drying Rack

minimalist dish drying rack, minimalist kitchen supplies

This dish-drying rack is an excellent option to keep your dishes consolidated and highly organized after a long dishwashing session after dinner!

11. Ryhpez Under Sink Organizer

minimalist under sink organizer, minimalist kitchen essentials

This is another helpful organizing appliance that can be used on the counter or under the counter in a cabinet to keep different types of kitchen items organized!

12. YouCopia Foil Wrap Organizer

I really like this type of foil wrap organizer! We all know how cluttered our pantries can get, but having a compact organizer really helps to keep things tidy!

13. PrepWorks ProKeeper Grain Storage Container

minimalist rice container, minimalist kitchen essentials

If you make lots of rice every month like me, then a rice container like this is super helpful! When cooking rice every week it really helps to keep larger quantities consolidated rather than having multiple bags taking up space in the pantry.

14. KESOL 3-1 Kitchen Sink Caddy

This Kitchen Sink Caddy is great for keeping your kitchen sink cleaning supplies organized!

15. PUR Water Filter

water filter, minimal kitchen essentials

The PUR Water Filter is great for saving you space and money!

When I switched to using a water filter, I saved hundreds of dollars over the years by avoiding buying bottled water every month or so. Not to mention all of the space I’ve saved from not having to keep the large cases of water in the garage.

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