In this post, we will be discussing the top 7 reasons to begin decluttering and minimizing your life! If you’re curious about the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle, look no further!

Minimalist living room interior

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Ever Thought About Giving a Minimalist lifestyle a Try!?

In today’s world, it’s called minimalism or a minimalist lifestyle. But I like to say it’s a mix of that and a little bit of decluttering as well. 

In essence, it means getting rid of items and possessions that you simply don’t use anymore or just downright don’t “need”. This way, the only items or “stuff” that you own have meaning and add usefulness and value to your life. 

Now, this doesn’t mean empty rooms and no belongings. No No NO! I believe one could have a mansion and have a lot of stuff, but as long as they find value in the items they own, then what’s the problem?

However, there are some extremes that I don’t quite understand…

Some people own 100+ pairs of shoes!!! 

Really!? You only have two feet!! But I think people with 100 pairs of shoes already know that lol. (Some people have collections of shoes…but whatever floats your boat haha). 

The point here is that a minimalist lifestyle will look different for different people. If one is looking to downsize, one should look for the happy middle ground where they find the right amount of possessions that they are happy with, in a realistic way. 

One of my favorite bloggers, the creator of Making Sense of Cents, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is (and has been for a while) a blogger who makes over 1 million dollars a year with her website. She even sold her house and decided to travel full-time with her husband and two dogs.

Get this, she’s pulling in seven figures and chose to travel full-time in an RV! 

Kinda crazy right? (kinda awesome if you ask me wink wink ;)) 

She now travels full-time in a boat and according to her blog, loves every bit of it. Now for Michelle, getting rid of virtually all of her possessions to travel was her idea of happiness when it comes to having “things”. For another person, this may not be the ideal situation. 

If you’re still feeling inspired to begin your decluttering/minimalist journey, check out these awesome reasons you should begin living a minimalist lifestyle today! 

7 Awesome Reasons to Begin Living a Minimalist Lifestyle:

1. Peace of Mind 

Laptop with coffee and pencil on desk

Imagine how you feel when you have a cluttered unkept living space or room. How do you feel? Distracted, scattered? Now imagine how you feel when your room is clean and organized. You feel a little better right?

When there’s tons of extra clutter everywhere and around the house, sometimes it can be overwhelming and add some unnecessary disturbance to your sense of relaxation. When we clean up we feel a sense of calm that normally isn’t found in a cluttered space.

Not convinced!? Clean your room and see how you feel when it is messy and how you feel now that it’s clean.

In fact, you may feel relaxed and even more peaceful than before. This leads to our next point about decluttering our lives which is less stressful!

2. Less Stress

Often times our stress levels rise when we have many different things going on in our lives. These things seem to add on and compound until we may feel overwhelmed with tasks to do and too much stress to handle.

Having a mess of extra items that sit around our houses can add to this burden, however, when we begin to declutter and remove unnecessary junk in our lives, we see that naturally we feel less ‘bound’ to our things and may feel less stress from the clutter of objects in the back of our minds. 

This ultimately goes along with the first point about peace of mind, however, decluttering can take away many stressful situations like misplacing essential items like keys, remotes, and phones.

3. Cleaner Living Space 

clean minimalist home interior. Minimalist lifestyle home example.

Undoubtedly a cleaner living space is one of the best results of decluttering and a minimalist lifestyle. Cleaning and organizing your living space will be so much easier. Plus with simply less “stuff” you really don’t create many messes anyway. 

4. Less Time Spent on Laundry

Now, this is a big one! Remaining unused clothes can be one of the best things you can do. It will save you much-needed free time in the form of less laundry.

Nowadays, one load of laundry is enough for the majority of my clothes. I say majority because not all of my wardrobe is worn during different seasons, but typically the entire wardrobe that I wear on a regular basis fits in one big load of laundry. This saves me plenty of time and less time and headache washing my clothes. 

5. More Organization

This goes along the lines of a cleaner living space but in a more specific way. Minimizing will give you the ability to easily stay organized and will give you the ability to keep your most valued possessions neat and tidy. 

With fewer items, it will be wayyy easier to organize and thus give you more free time!

6. Less Time Spent Cleaning

Woman pointing to a piggy bank on the table. Minimalist lifestyle benefit of saving money.

Along with more organization and cleaner living space, naturally, you will spend less valuable time cleaning your junk and more time enjoying your kids, friends, and family!

7. Save Money

Lastly, the best habit to come from a minimalist lifestyle is the art of saving. This mentality will help you to focus on the things you already have and spend less on items from impulse.

We are all on our own different financial journeys. If you can live with the mindset of not only limiting spending but also with the idea of reducing the amount of extra stuff that you own, you will ultimately be able to save money to use on experiences like travel and items that you really enjoy and will use often! 

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