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Minimalist Guide: 26 MUST-Have Items to Simplify Your Life

In this post, we’ll be discussing the 26 MUST-Have items to simplify your life. I highly recommend these minimalist lifestyle items! Simplifying one’s life doesn’t mean getting rid of “everything”. You can simplify your life by adding/replacing old items with useful items that can make your life smooth and easy! 🙂 

Are you trying to simplify your life? 

Many items we have in our homes are collecting dust and taking up real estate. Minimalism goes against consumerism by getting rid of unneeded items in our life. What this leaves us with are possessions that give our life meaning and that serve a particular purpose. The items listed below are all items that serve a purpose. 

It seems like this list should really be named: “items you should remove to simplify your life”, but just hear me out…

In one way or another, these minimalist lifestyle items take up less space and provide value based on their specific function in my life. It’s a little counterintuitive (advertising items to buy to be minimalistic), I know…But having useful items that make your life that much easier is such a win. 

Minimalist Lifestyle Items Have Value & Efficiency

Especially if these minimalist daily items can help us complete tasks faster and with more efficiency. Many of the items we buy lose value and we tend to never use them again. The minimalist lifestyle items in this post all serve a purpose and can be used on a regular basis without losing any value. 

If you are looking to decrease possessions and useless items in your life, check out these awesome minimalist lifestyle items that will not only simplify your life but make it sooo much easier!!

After reading this post, I hope you’ll understand how these 26 items can be extremely beneficial to a simple lifestyle! 

Check them out! 🙂

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

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1. Minimalist Wallet

minimalist wallet, minimalist lifestyle item

This Minimalist Wallet is one of my favorite gadgets. After using many wallets in the past, I noticed that they were so bulky and barely fit into my pocket. 

I realized that this wallet was a much smaller option for me and saved me tons of space. It fits all of the cards I need and has RFID protection from anyone trying to scan your cards on the street. 

Plus most of the time now I don’t even need my debit or credit cards with me because I just use my phone to pay.

Thus, the wallet is a great investment to save some space and minimize the junk you may carry around in your lunky outdated wallets. 

It’s a great minimalist lifestyle item!

2. Cell Phone Stand

Cell Phone Stand

This cell phone stand was an item I had been debating purchasing for a while. But now that I have it, I can confidently say that I use it every single day.

Whether I’m watching youtube videos while I’m at the desk or using it as an alarm stand (for my iPhone), this phone stand is really so useful. As I type this post I have it on my desk facing me in case I need to check my email or look something up on my phone. 

3. Laptop Stand

Laptop stand

Now, this laptop stand was something I really didn’t think I needed but, in fact, turned out to be something I use every day but also make sure I use when I’m at my desk. 

There are a few reasons why it’s highly useful. First off, it elevates my laptop so that it is in a high enough visual window for me to see when I am working. This way I don’t have to keep hunching over to look down at a smaller screen. Hunching over can cause discomfort in the neck and back.

Furthermore, the stand allows me to easily dock my laptop (connect my external keyboard, mouse, and other equipment) and easily pick it up and go on the road if I have to. This way my desk is intact and I can just place my laptop right back on the stand and plug everything in a much more organized manner.  

4. Water Filter

Water Filter

I originally bought this water filter back when I was in college to save money on bottled water and man was this one of the best purchases I ever made! 

To this day I still use it and have not purchased bottled water regularly for years and years! This water filter only requires a new filter every few months, but it’s totally worth it. 

The money that you save from always running out of bottled water can be saved along with the aches of lifting those water cases every trip to the grocery store!

5. Folding Desk

Folding Minimalist Desk

This folding desk is a great option for small spaces and for the newly popular at-home offices due to the COVID-19 lockdowns from last year.

 It’s super simple to set up and easy to unfold (It arrives preassembled). It can easily be moved to different rooms if need be. It can also easily be moved if one is moving to a new home or apartment as well (this was one of the main reasons I wanted to get it!). 

The desk I had before was so big and took a while to take apart. This one takes less than a minute to fold and move. This is a GREAT minimalist lifestyle item! Thumbs up from me 🙂

6. Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle
Woman pouring electric kettle

The main reason I bought this electric kettle was to make warm lemon water in the morning. It’s not just great for warm lemon water, it great for tea, coffee, and any other prep that involves boiling water. 

It’s fast and lights up to show that it’s on. In my opinion, this is much safer than using a microwave to heat liquids and much faster than using a stove. 

7. Rice Cooker

Now, this is a huge time-saver for sure. For someone like me who doesn’t have much experience in the kitchen, this rice cooker makes my life so much easier.

 It allows me to make high-quality vegetarian meals that are simple and easy for me to make. It allows me to heat my vegetables as well. This means that I can cook my entire rice bowl in one piece of equipment. 

This leaves me fewer dishes to wash and more time to eat and less time spent in the kitchen!

8. Medicine Ball

14 pound medicine ball with side handles

This medicine ball is great for home workouts. Along with exercises like pushups, this medicine ball allows you to do ab workouts and other weight-training exercises with just one piece of equipment. 

I like to keep it simple, and now that I don’t lift weights anymore, I like to do workouts that are challenging but not as strenuous as actual “weights”. This is a heavier medicine ball, but it’s great for many different exercises.

 It has tons of different uses which add to its value. It’s the only piece of workout equipment I own!

9. Electric Lunch Box

Electric lunch box
Man driving while heating his electric lunch box

When I was preparing for my full-time job, I was thinking about all of the different lunch options to pack. However, there weren’t many options because I wanted to be able to bring food that I could heat up but I also wanted to avoid the microwave. There are many negative effects of microwaves.

When I went searching online, this little gadget is what I found. It’s basically a lunch box that (when plugged in) can heat itself and warm food to a very desirable temperature. 

I had no idea this type of thing existed! It’s definitely an underrated minimalist lifestyle item.

The best part about this lunch box is the fact that you can put your leftovers directly in it and then just heat it up the next day and eat from the same lunch box. This way it can save room on containers.

I’ve used it quite a few times for leftovers and it’s really great!! It takes about thirty minutes, but afterward, the food is heated as if you just made it. Simply Amazing!!!

10. Lunch Box

Reusable lunch box

Now, this is just a simple lunch box that can store your new heated lunch container and other snacks as well. This one is also great for beach trips and day trips along with icepacks to keep everything cool.

11. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless steel water bottle

This type of water container is much more popular these days. The great thing about these stainless steel bottles is that they can sustain the temperature of your drink despite the outside temperature. This is great for hot days if you prefer ice-cold water when out in the sun with family or friends! 

12. Large Water Jug

Large water jug

This water jug is my absolute favorite and it’s the one I use on a daily basis! If you haven’t switched to a larger-capacity water container, I highly recommend that you do. 

Often times I would find myself constantly running out of water, but I would be in the middle of work or relaxing and I was just feeling lazy and not wanting to get up and constantly have to fill my water bottle up every hour. It was so annoying!

Now with this bottle, I can fill it up once and I don’t really have to refill it until the end of the day if that. This allows me to drink more water in the day because I have to fill it up less. (That’s just what works for me). 

13. Glass Containers

Meal prep containers

These containers are great for leftovers and meal prep! They are also useful for lunch meals to take to work.

14. Double Laundry Hamper

Double Laundry Hamper

When it came to laundry, I was looking for a way to easily organize my clothes and towels as well as find a larger capacity hamper to store all of my dirty clothes. 

Like most people, I wash towels separately. This hamper allows me to separate my dirty clothes and my towels so I don’t have to fumble through them when putting my stuff in the laundry. 

This hamper also has removable laundry bags inside each side. This allows me to easily take my laundry to the laundry room without having to drag that whole hamper in there. 

15. Seated Table

Bed tray/ seated table

Now this seated table isn’t for everyone. I’ve done some research in the past and found that it’s actually more beneficial for you to eat while sitting. No not in a chair, sitting on the floor. Yes, I said the floor. 

This helps digestion, helps prevents overeating (makes you feel full faster), and helps with bowel movements.

I eat sitting on the floor as much as I can when at home using this table and it really does have great benefits!

This is an underrated minimalist lifestyle item.

16. Memory Foam Pillow

I’ve been using many different memory foam pillows for years now and they are an absolute MUST for me and my sleep! Whenever I use other pillows, I’m always left with neck aches the following morning and it’s TERRIBLE

Seriously, if you don’t use a memory foam curved pillow, I don’t know how you don’t have aches every single day!

17. Wireless Earbuds

White wireless earbuds

This was a huge shocker for me!! I definitely thought I didn’t need anything like this at all! I already had wired apple earbuds that I liked and used. 

Ever since trying these out, I’ve used them every single day!! I couldn’t believe how useful they were. And you guessed it, even while typing this post I’m wearing them. 

The best part about wireless earbuds that I noticed (aside from no wires duhhh) was the fact that when I got up from my desk or bed, I didn’t need to unplug the earbuds from my ears.

For insurance, when listening to music if I went to get up to go to the bathroom or get something from the kitchen, I would have to unplug my earbuds and leave my phone, but now I can just get up and keep listening when I walk around or even when on different floors in my house!

This was just amazing to me haha. It’s a great minimalist lifestyle item that removes the headache of jumbled wires.

18. Wireless Mouse

white wireless mouse, minimalist lifestyle item

If you use a laptop like me, I think a portable wireless mouse is a great investment. They come in many different colors and are much better to use than the traditional mouse pad thing on a laptop. 

19. DVD Case

DVD case

Nowadays, DVDs are used less and less because of the rise of online streaming and digital copies of your favorite movies and shows. However, I still have some DVDs that I enjoy. Instead of having all of the DVD cases taking up too much space, this case keeps them all together and organized. 

20. Bathroom Organizer

This bathroom organizer is a great option to keep all of your toiletries organized and simple! I use this every day and it holds my razor, toothbrush, face wash, and other items all in one place. 

21. Packing Cubes

Teal and blue packing cubes for suitcases

If you’ve ever traveled, you know the benefit of keeping all of your belongings organized in your suitcase. These packing cubes allow you to organize all of your clothes into different cubes to make it easier to pack and find certain items when on the go!

22. Samsonite Carry-on Luggage

Navy Blue Carry on luggage
Open carry on luggage

The luggage from Samsonite is of very good quality. I’m still waiting to use my carry-on and test it on a flight. However, I have used it many times during school when going home from work and I love it! The carry-on size is small and compact. I definitely recommend it! 

23. Charging Station/USB Hub

Wooden charging station/hub for electronic devices

This charging station is great for organizing multiple electronic devices! I use it on my desk for other purposes now, buts it’s great if you like all of your devices charging in one place! (USB adapter not included)

24. Desk Organizer

White mesh desk organizer

This desk organizer is just a simple desk organizer that holds various office items. It’s definitely useful to keep all of your home office tools in one place!

25. Charging Backpack

Waterproof grey laptop backpack with USB charging port

This unique waterproof backpack is a great “modern” option that includes a port to charge any USB device! Although the separate portable charger is sold separately, this backpack has great size and can fit large laptops and tons of books if necessary. (I used it in college).

 I use this backpack whenever I need to bring my laptop away from my desk and if I need to travel.  

26. Amazon Kindle/Case

Amazon kindle fire 7 light green
Light green amazon kindle fire 7 case

The final item on the list may perhaps be the best “space saver” for you moving forward. This would be the Amazon Kindle! If you are an avid reader and have tons of books, it’s very beneficial to download and save them onto a kindle to save space. 

Kindles are also great for reading while traveling! The only downside here is not having a real physical copy of a book which feels more authentic than looking at a screen.

I personally prefer actual books rather than staring at a screen, but I don’t mind reading off of a kindle especially when it allows me to save tons of space and reduce my belongings. (Case sold separately)


Hopefully, now you see the benefit of investing in these minimalist lifestyle items! These items have made my life so much easier and I use almost everything on this list daily!

Closing Thoughts 

Overall, embracing minimalism isn’t necessarily all about who can own the least amount of stuff. I think as long as you find value in the items that you do have, then these items belong to you. 

Items that have no value and just lay around the house, may just be the type of things you’ll want to part ways with. 

These items provide value for me, and often times I’ll replace items instead of keeping new things that I buy. This way I’m not always accumulating junk. 

I’m still working towards decluttering and getting rid of all the extra junk that I own. However, the items mentioned above are essential items that I recommend anyone uses even if you are determined to simplify your life!

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