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50 30 20 budget template

Free Google Sheets 50/30/20 Budget Spreadsheet + Printable (Beginner Budgeting Tips)

Free Google Sheets 50/30/20 budget spreadsheet: Are you tired of feeling like your finances are controlling you instead of the other way around?  It’s time to break free from the cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck living and take charge of your money.  In this post, you’ll learn how to unlock financial freedom with a simple yet powerful…

Person budgeting and counting money at a table; money mindset

7 Powerful Tips to Reshape Your Money Mindset

This week’s post is a special guest post from Dorothy, Owner of the Mental Wellness Center Blog! 7 Powerful Tips to Reshape Your Money Mindset: Embarking on a journey to financial prosperity requires more than just earning and saving; it involves a fundamental shift in your mindset towards money. This transformation is pivotal in breaking free…

side hustle books

The 3 Best Side Hustle Books That Reveal The Secrets to Growing a Full-Time Income

Are you looking to earn more and start a new side hustle!? Growing a full-time income with your new side hustle takes dedication and a great plan! These side hustle books will inspire you to create an idea and give you the tools and strategy to grow your income into a full-time business! I was…

minimalist kitchen with white theme; essentialism vs minimalism
Simple Living

Essentialism vs Minimalism: How to Find Purpose and Increase Your Happiness

Essentialism vs Minimalism: Are you looking to make a lifestyle change and want to live with more intention!? Essentialism and minimalism are very similar and can greatly improve your life!  If you’re ready to make a lifestyle shift, these may be right for you! Essentialism is mainly about creating internal intention with your life while…