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Welcome to my Recommendations! This page was designed to display an organized list of my top recommended blogging services and tools that I use every day and highly advocate. I hope this list will help save time and money when it comes to picking the right blogging services to suit your needs! 🙂

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

Blogging Courses

Create and Go: Launch Your Blog Biz

"Launch Your Blog Biz" Create And Go Course that I highly recommend.

This course is AMAZING! Created by Create And Go, this beginner blogger course is PERFECT for anyone who wants to start a blog and learn all of the ins and outs of how the blogging world works.

Alex and Lauren, the creators of Create and Go make Six Figures on not one, but TWO different blogs!

They know the journey of blogging just as well as anyone and they share a ton of detailed knowledge of how to get started. They’ve been through the mistakes and missteps and share their tips and recommendations so that YOU can get it right the FIRST time.

They go super in-depth on a variety of topics including basic setup such as Webhosting and WordPress setup. They also go over branding, email marketing strategies, affiliate marketing, and tons of other in-depth content! This course could easily be worth $400 or more! This is the second blogging course I have ever taken and I highly recommend any new bloggers check out Create and Go.

Blogging Masterclass on Udemy

"Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A successful Blog In 2021" "Build a successful blog using these proven blogging strategies for content, promotion, list building, and monetization" "Created by Brad Merrill" Blogging course on Udemy that I recommend to try.

“Blogging Masterclass” is a GREAT beginner blogging course for anyone who is just starting out! The creator, Brad Merrill goes over various topics in the blogging sphere and touches on many details that you’ll need to know moving forward as a complete beginner.

This was the first blogging course I ever took and helped me get everything initially set up. This includes my Webhosting, my domain name (, and my download.

This course does go over a ton, however, the Create and Go Course goes over the basics and then some. While this course may cover a lot of surface-level knowledge (Great for beginners), the Create and Go course goes so far in-depth it’s insane! They cover more of the how-to and give more direct guidance.

If one is a bit tight on money, I would recommend skipping this one. Go straight for Create and Go’s beginner blogging course mentioned above and that should cover everything you need. This is still an AWESOME course to take nonetheless!

Blogging Services


"SiteGround" Webhosting services that I recommend to use.

SiteGround is my service of choice for Webhosting. This Webhosting was recommended in the “Blogging Masterclass” course mentioned above. One may choose whatever Webhosting they desire, however some hosting services are better than others.

With that in mind, Bluehost is really hot right now among bloggers for its low cost but SiteGround is right there in terms of functionality and performance! SiteGround offers a variety of plans to meet your needs.

SiteGround pricing plans for webhosting that I recommend

I personally use the “StartUp” plan. (Use my affiliate link here to gain access to the special discount prices you see above!)

After I picked my plan, hosting was super easy to set up and took me less than 15 minutes to finish. SiteGround also hosts your domain and installs WordPress in minutes! This makes it incredibly SIMPLE and EASY to get your website all set up and running!

If you are still unsure what to decide on when choosing hosting services, check out this article comparing two of the best: Bluehost vs Siteground – What To Expect From These Popular Providers

Canva (Pro)

"Canva" Image and graphics tool that I recommend to use for blog graphics and images

Canva is an ABSOLUTE MUST when it comes to blogging! This tool allows me to create custom images and graphics for my blog posts and pages with ease!

Every single graphic including the image at the top of this page was created with Canva and specifically the “Pro” version. The pro version has various features that allow you endless customization for your images.

"By upgrading you will get:" This is a graphic with Canva features compared to Canva Pro features. I highly recommend Canva Pro.

Canva is also perfect for creating images for Pinterest! Check them out!

Legal Pages

"Starter Legal Bundle" Graphic for Lega bundle that I highly recommend to have on your blog

These legal pages are PERFECT! When I was starting my blog, I didn’t really know that having legal pages was absolutely necessary. I had seen videos saying that they were something you should have, but I was still skeptical.

After watching a few videos and taking Create and Go’s course, I realized that not only were these legal pages needed but that they were also incredibly easy to get and put on my blog!

Enter Amira Irfan and her blog A Self Guru. She is a six-figure blogger and has been practicing law for over 9 years! She created these legal pages with bloggers and online entrepreneurs in mind. This is because online businesses can be compromised if one is in violation of laws or gets sued for whatever reason. Imagine all of that hard work…gone. Poof!

So how to avoid this? Consider Amira’s legal pages that can be found here! I personally chose the “Starter Legal Bundle” which has everything you need to get started!

"Starter Legal Bundle" title image of the legal templates I recommend.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars (plus the headache) of having a consultation with a lawyer to set up these legal pages when you can pay $197 for everything you need to get started and set up in about 15 minutes!

As stated above Amira and her legal bundles are highly advocated by the team at Create and Go! Check out one of Amira’s guest posts on Create and Go here.


"ConvertKit" ConvertKit logo for email list building tool that I recommend

ConvertKit is a great email marketing and list-building tool that is recommended by Create and Go. The team at Create and Go says that they have used just about every email marketing service out there. ConvertKit is their current service of choice and hasn’t changed services since joining!

ConvertKit has helped me create easy email opt-in forms with images and nice descriptive text. These forms are customizable and can help gain more subscribers to your email list.


"Grammarly for Chrome" Grammarly logo and star reviews for the extension that I recommend

The Google Chrome extension Grammarly is a great tool for blogs and writers! It only took me a few minutes to set up but saves me tons of time with grammar and editing during my writing process. There is a free version and a paid version. I currently use the free version and recommend any new bloggers to also install the free Chrome extension.


Pixabay is an excellent FREE resource to use for bloggers! As a blogger, I can’t just take photos off of google and use them on my site. I need to use photos that are royalty-free.

Pixabay is currently where I choose to find my stock photos along with Canva and I highly recommend both!