"About Me" The Simple Paradise

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Miguel and I am the author of The Simple Paradise. On this blog, I discuss various topics relating to simple living.

Simple Living can help us be more peaceful, carry less stress, and enjoy the important things in life.

Miguel The Simple Paradise Author

Here’s a little bit about me:

  • I’m a kid at heart and love to have fun
  • I have a degree in communications 
  • I enjoy writing about various topics related to Simple Living
  • Around 2018, I simplified my wardrobe and never looked back
  • Now I continue to declutter my belongings and encourage others through this blog!

On my blog, I decided to keep my real full name a secret and instead use my Spanish name and my mother’s maiden name “Rodriguez” as my last name.

In addition, my profile picture keeps my privacy while also providing transparency for my audience.



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