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11 Minimalist Wardrobe Benefits That Make Your Life Easier!

There are so many minimalist wardrobe benefits!

Making this lifestyle change has helped me to simplify my life in so many ways!

I used to have an overblown closet and back in 2018, I chose to make a change! Now I love helping others create minimalist wardrobes for themselves!

Many people (let’s be real, most people) have overblown wardrobes and closets stuffed with tons of clothes they never wear. 

While this isn’t a bad thing, it can have some serious downsides. Decision fatigue (why Steve Jobs wore the same shirt every day) is one of those downsides along with a host of others. 

But seriously who wants a mess of clothes that just sit there and don’t even get any use? That’s why I recommend going through your wardrobe and at the least removing clothes that you haven’t worn and old clothes that don’t fit! 

Then when you’re ready to do some serious decluttering, you can make your ideal wardrobe and only wear the clothes you love!

I used to have so many clothes that I never wore but for some reason, I never got rid of them. It still blows my mind to this day. 

Now that I’ve simplified my wardrobe I can say there are some serious benefits and I can’t imagine ever having too many clothes in my wardrobe! 

If you’re ready to learn about some minimalist wardrobe benefits you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll cover minimalist wardrobe benefits that can change your life! 

About Me: My name is Miguel and I’m a simple living and budget spreadsheet advocate! I’ve been decluttering my life since 2018 and love everything simple living related. I aim to help you learn how to live a simple life, become intentional with your spending, and manage your money right!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure for more information.

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11 Minimalist Wardrobe Benefits That Make Your Life Easier!

Here are 11 Minimalist Wardrobe Benefits that can change your life!: 

  1. Less Decision Fatigue
  2. Save More Money
  3. Less Laundry
  4. More Time
  5. Create a New Wardrobe
  6. Excuse to Shop
  7. Make Money
  8. Cleaner Minimalist Closet
  9. Get Ready Faster in The Morning
  10. Only Wear The Clothes You Love
  11. Gain a Sense of Peace

1. Less Decision Fatigue   

Don’t you hate getting ready in the morning and having no clue what to wear? 

One peek into your closet sends you into a spiral trying to find the perfect outfit.

What could take a few minutes, turns into 30 minutes, a messy closet with rejected outfits on the floor, and a frustrating start to the day!


A minimalist wardrobe saves us time and energy getting ready in the morning. Who wants to start their day tired and frustrated? 

Pairing down the clothes you don’t wear and replacing them with new ones will give you many different outfits that you’ll want to wear!

The best part is that a proper minimalist wardrobe should be set with intention. This means that your clothes should be able to mix and match and follow a specific color or style.

2. Save More Money

When we don’t have clothes that can be interchangeable we feel like we are constantly shopping for new clothes.

Constant shopping means constant spending! 

Feeling like we don’t have enough to wear encourages us to go on spending sprees and to spend more money on clothes that are, for the most part, just going to end up being worn a handful of times or not at all. 

Being intentional with our shopping and finding pieces we will wear all the time, will help us spend less money on clothes in the long run!

Thus saving money is one of the best benefits of a minimalist wardrobe!

minimalist wardrobe benefits

3. Less Laundry

A minimalist wardrobe allows us to spend less time cleaning and organizing our clothes.

There’s nothing I hate more than laundry day when there are multiple loads to clean, fold, and put away!

Creating a minimalist closet and decluttering most of our clothes will minimize the amount of laundry we have to do every week. 

It will also make laundry day faster and easier!

This is great because who wants to spend their Sunday morning folding and organizing? 

4. More Time 

Do you spend most of your morning trying to pick out the perfect outfit? Are you usually left running late wearing something you aren’t fully confident in?

A minimalist wardrobe can fix that. 

Clothing that has multiple functions and can be interchanged with many different outfits makes getting ready in the morning easier and more efficient. 

You can spend less time getting ready and more time doing other things to help start your day like:

  1. Sleeping in longer
  2. Cooking a good breakfast
  3. Prepping for your day
  4. Drinking your morning coffee
minimalist wardrobe benefits

5. Create A New Wardrobe  

Who doesn’t love revamping their wardrobe?

New clothes can make us feel like a new person!

Creating a minimalist wardrobe gives you a chance to either redefine yourself or get more in tune with who you are.

When we create a new collection of clothes for ourselves we can make sure we have all the staples we may need such as:

  1. T-shirts
  2. Tank tops 
  3. Sweaters
  4. Jeans
  5. Dresses
  6. Skirts
  7. Shoes
  8. Layers

Having all these go-to’s in our minimalist closet makes it easy to mix and match clothes so we’re ready for all occasions in every season.

6. Excuse to Shop  

If you enjoy shopping and buying new clothes this can be one of the best minimalist wardrobe benefits!

This is your opportunity to go on a shopping spree! (Be careful to avoid overspending and create a minimalist wardrobe plan).

I know we discussed limiting your spending, but here’s your chance to spend on the clothes you’ll use and need!

This is the perfect way to be intentional with your shopping and go searching for the perfect pieces to put together in your wardrobe. 

money on a table; minimalist wardrobe benefits

7. Make Money

Purging your old clothes while you’re creating your new minimalist wardrobe is also the perfect way to earn some extra cash! 

I know I had a lot of clothes that I either never wore or only wore a few times which are perfect to resell! 

You can take the clothes that you are getting rid of and sell them to earn some more money you can use when buying your new core pieces.

Great places to sell your clothes are:

  • Poshmark
  • Mercari
  • eBay

8. Cleaner Minimalist Closet  

It’s also very easy to collect clothing that we rarely wear.

A minimalist wardrobe helps us get rid of these clothes which frees up space in our closets and dressers and makes it easier to stay neat.

A smaller wardrobe will help you keep a clean and organized closet. Keeping basics in all types of clothes can help you stay extra organized. 

Grouping your clothes by color and function can also make your closet look nicer and make finding outfits easier. 

9. Get Ready Faster In the Morning  

capsule wardrobe helps you work with a limited wardrobe of clothes you like. This makes getting ready in the morning enjoyable! 

Shortening the amount of time we spend looking for outfits can make you feel better about what you wear and about getting ready for the day.

Clothes can now be a positive and efficient part of your every day.

10. Only Wear The Clothes You Love   

It is very common for us to buy clothes we think we’ll wear but don’t fit into our style as well as we think. If we get rid of the clothes we only kind of like then we can make room for clothes we will wear all the time. 

Once you keep the clothes you consistently wear and carefully select new core pieces for your wardrobe, you will be left with clothing you love and reach for regularly. 

Easier To Pack For Travel 

Having a set of core clothing items makes packing for trips very easy. You can pack fewer items but still have plenty of options for different outfits. 

When you have pieces that can be interchangeable with different styles you end up packing less.

minimalist wardrobe benefits; teal clothes in a carry on for vacation

11. Gain a Sense of Peace  

Cluttered wardrobes are scattered and jumbled. This makes it hard to find things you want to wear. 

It can also create anxiety in your life.

When you see a messy closet it always weighs on your mind. It also makes getting dressed a nightmare!

When we have a neat organized minimalist closet, it gives us a calming effect because our brains like “order” and why not keep something neat and organized that you use every day? 

Why You Should Create A Minimalist Wardrobe

Aside from the minimalist wardrobe benefits above, you should create a minimalist wardrobe to relieve yourself of the stress and anxiety that comes with a cluttered closet.

This type of stress can go under the radar because it’s easy to ignore our closets and go on with our day.

Once we acknowledge that our closet is a mess, we should address it and minimize our clothes to rid ourselves of extra anxiety.

What Are The Benefits of a Neutral Wardrobe?

A neutral wardrobe can have some really practical benefits!

The main benefit is the fact that your entire wardrobe should be able to match. This makes it easier and faster when it comes to getting dressed in the morning!

Some drawbacks however could be the fact that this minimalist wardrobe style could get stale or boring if you like variety or colors that pop.

Minimalist Wardrobe For Men

Creating a minimalist wardrobe for men can seem a little challenging at first, but with time it can be very easy and very straightforward.

The special man in your life can benefit greatly from decluttering and creating a minimalist closet for themselves!

Here are some tips:

FAQs | Minimalist Wardrobe Benefits

Cons of a Capsule Wardrobe

Here are some potential cons to creating a capsule wardrobe:

  • Run Laundry more often
  • Less variety
  • Might get boring
  • Feel the urge to shop
Project 333; Minimalist wardrobe benefits

What is The 33 Items in a Minimalist Wardrobe?

This 33-item principle is based off of Project 333 from the book by Courtney Carver in which she encourages you to minimize your wardrobe to 33 items for 3 months.

The idea is that not only can you declutter your wardrobe down to 33 items for 3 months, but also be able to thrive and keep your wardrobe that way!

Thus showing you that owning fewer clothing options is possible and more ideal!

What is The Perfect Amount of Clothes For a Minimalist Wardrobe?

While there’s no perfect amount of clothes for a minimalist wardrobe, the perfect amount of clothes will be different for different people.

First, you need to assess your needs, where you live, and your style:

  • Determine your work clothes
  • The climate in which you live
  • What look you’re going after

Once you’ve determined these factors, you can outline the type of clothing that you need. But a good rule of thumb to follow if you’re a beginner (which most of you should be) would be to follow Project 333 and limit yourself to 33 items.

Challenges You May Face When Creating a Minimalist Closet

Here are some of the challenges that you may face when creating a minimalist wardrobe:

  • The desire to buy new clothes
  • Wanting to switch up your style
  • Wanting to shop more
  • The temptation to add new clothes

To avoid these challenges, find your why and stick to your minimalist wardrobe plan!

Final Thoughts | 11 Minimalist Wardrobe Benefits That Make Your Life Easier!

There are so many benefits of a minimalist wardrobe!

Whether you want to declutter your closet, save money, reinvent your style, or just make getting ready in the morning more enjoyable, anyone can benefit from creating a minimalist closet! 

Start your minimalist wardrobe today!

About Me: My name is Miguel and I’m a simple living and budget spreadsheet advocate! I’ve been decluttering my life since 2018 and love everything simple living related. I aim to help you learn how to live a simple life, become intentional with your spending, and manage your money right!

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