In this post, we’re gonna give you 19 Exciting Minimalist Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones!

Do you have any minimalists in your family and looking to find gifts that they’ll love!? 

Well, you’re in the right place!

The perfect minimalist Christmas gifts are the gifts that provide:

  • Great experiences
  • Great value
  • Great usability
  • Great functionality 

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Minimalist Christmas gifts; gifts, Christmas tree, and ornaments on the floor

19 Exciting Minimalist Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones:

Here are some exciting gift ideas for minimalists:

  1. Audible
  2. Lovepop
  3. Kindle Paperwhite 
  4. Helpful Books
  5. Minimalist wallet
  6. Simple Budget Spreadsheet
  7. Teachable course
  8. Masterclass
  9. Bonsai Tree
  10. Samsonite Carry-On
  11. Travel Electronics Organizer
  12. Minimalist Planner
  13. Minimalist Clothes Rack
  14. Magic Bullet Blender
  15. Spa Pass
  16. Sports Tickets
  17. Minimalist Charging Station
  18. Theme Park Tickets
  19. Concert Tickets

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    1. Audible


    Audible is an excellent minimalist Christmas gift for anyone who loves books! 

    Especially for minimalists, it won’t be adding any clutter to their lives and can provide tons of value to them! 

    2. Lovepop

    Minimalist Christmas card; Cats around a Christmas tree

    Lovepop has some amazing greeting cards! There are tons of designs and they really look great!

    This is sure to be a great gift idea for minimalists! 

    3. Kindle Paperwhite

    kindle paperwhite green

    The Kindle Paperwhite is another solid choice for book lovers in the family! 

    For those who like to keep things simple and avoid clutter, a Kindle is great for limiting your amount of physical books! 

    Mark this down as one of the best Christmas gifts for minimalists! 

    4. Helpful Books

    minimalist decluttering book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

    If your family members enjoy reading but love physical books, a helpful book on decluttering can be a great read! 

    5. Minimalist Wallet

    Woman holding pink minimalist wallet; Minimalist Christmas gifts

    A minimalist wallet is a great everyday item that your minimalist family member will love! 

    6. Simple Budgeting Spreadsheet

    living on a budget, Simple Monthly Budget spreadsheet Google Sheets

    If you’re looking for an incredibly useful minimalist Christmas gift, then try gifting your loved one a budgeting spreadsheet to help them track their finances! 

    This is a great non-physical downloadable gift and can be used every month! 

    7. Teachable Course

    create and go: launch your blog biz

    A Teachable course is a great learning option for your loved one! 

    This is another non-physical minimalist gift that they can enjoy and learn something new from like blogging tips or how to simplify your life! 

    8. Masterclass

    Masterclass is another awesome online learning platform perfect for learning from people who are experts in their specified field!

    This is an excellent gift idea for minimalists who love to learn and learn from the best!

    9. Bonsai Tree

    Bonsai tree; Minimalist Christmas gift

    These minimalist bonsai trees are the perfect decoration gift for any minimalist!

    10. Samsonite Carry-On Luggage

    minimalist carry on, lilac samsonite luggage

    A solid minimalist carry-on luggage like Samsonite is the perfect travel gear for minimalist travel!

    I use this carry-on and love it so far!

    11. Travel Electronics Organizer

    minimalist electronics organizer grey

    Another awesome minimalist Christmas gift for travel would be an electronics organizer!

    These organizers are great for keeping all of your chargers and electronics organized on your flights! 

    12. Minimalist Planner

    Minimalist planner; Minimalist Christmas Gift

    A minimalist planner is a great minimalist Christmas gift for your loved one who loves to stay organized!

    13. Minimalist Clothes Rack

    minimalist clothes rack

    A minimalist clothes rack is a helpful gift for any family member who wants to create a minimalist wardrobe or a capsule wardrobe! 

    14. Magic Bullet Blender

    magic bullet blender

    If your loved one enjoys simplicity in the kitchen, then a magic bullet blender may be a perfect minimalist Christmas gift idea! 

    15. Spa Pass

    Woman getting scalp massage at a spa

    A spa pass or spa day is a perfect relaxation gift for your loved one who prioritizes experiences over physical gifts! 

    16. Sports Tickets

    Baseball stadium

    Tickets to your loved one’s favorite team is a classic minimalist Christmas gift that they will definitely love! 

    17. Minimalist Charging Station

    minimalist charging station

    A minimalist charging station is a simple gift that can be used daily and keep their living space minimal! 

    18. Theme Park Tickets

    Theme park, Universal Studios

    Theme park tickets are great for the thrill seeker in the family!

    This is a perfect gift for the minimalist in the family that loves excitement! 

    19. Concert Tickets

    Concert with crowd and purple hue

    Lastly, concert tickets are a great option for the music lovers in your family!

    19 Exciting Minimalist Christmas Gifts For Your Loved Ones

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