Are you looking for the best minimalist blogs to help you get started on your minimalist lifestyle journey!?

This post will show you some of the top minimalist blogs that have super helpful content.

These top minimalist blogs will give you tips and inspiration to begin your decluttering process and live a minimalist lifestyle!

I began my minimalist journey around 2018 and would regularly check out different minimalist blogs and minimalist YouTube channels for tips and advice.

Around this time my wardrobe was overcluttered and I still had so many things I didn’t need. 

I also didn’t know how to control my spending and stay off of Amazon sigh…

But after checking out more minimalist content, I saw how some people were able to fit their entire wardrobe in a carry-on and in some cases their entire belongings in a carry-on and backpack!

I was blown away and really loved the idea of simplifying my life and reducing the mental burden of owning so many things. 

And now that I’ve continued to reduce the clutter in my life, I feel less stressed and my life continues to get easier! 

I recommend anyone give simple living and minimalism a try and reap all of the benefits!

Enjoy these awesome minimalist lifestyle blogs!

About Me: My name is Miguel and I’m a simple living and budget spreadsheet advocate! I’ve been decluttering my life since 2018 and love everything simple living related. I aim to help you learn how to live a simple life, become intentional with your spending, and manage your money right!

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read the full disclosure for more information.

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13 Best Minimalist Blogs That Will Make Your Minimalist Journey Easy:

Here are the top minimalist blogs that will help you declutter and simplify your life!: 

  1. Becoming Minimalist
  2. No Sidebar
  3. Be More With Less
  4. The Minimalists
  5. A To Zen Life
  6. The Simplicity Habit
  7. Simple Lionheart Life
  8. Nourishing Minimalism
  9. Simply + Fiercely
  10. Balance Through Simplicity
  11. Lady Decluttered
  12. Minimalism Made Simple
  13. Shannon Torrens

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    1. Becoming Minimalist

    Joshua Becker started Becoming Minimalist after realizing that his possessions were becoming too much to manage and taking up a lot of his time.

    After making an intentional lifestyle change, he decided to pursue a minimalist lifestyle with the goal of owning “less stuff”.

    After decluttering, he realized he now had “more time, money, freedom, less stress, and an opportunity to do things he loves and values.” 

    Becoming Minimalist is a blog written to encourage others to recognize the benefits of minimalist living!

    In addition to Joshua’s blog, he also has a successful YouTube channel and is a best-selling author!



    Josh’s work has been featured in:

    • The Wall Street Journal
    • CBS Evening News
    • Forbes
    • The New York Times
    • The Huffington Post
    • TIME
    • USA Today 
    • And more! 

    2. No Sidebar

    NoSidebar is an excellent minimalist blog that aims to help you create a simple life focused on the things that matter most to you! 

    NoSidebar is a blog devoted to helping you live a life of purpose with the help of simplicity and inspiration. 

    On top of awesome minimalist lifestyle content, NoSidebar also publishes blog posts from other minimalist lifestyle blogs that provide helpful tips that range from:

    • Decluttering your wardrobe
    • Learning to live a simple life
    •  Intentional living
    • Productivity
    • Decluttering your home
    • Frugal living tips
    • Minimalist shopping tips 
    • And more!

    Check out their awesome content and start your minimalist lifestyle journey today!

    3. Be More With Less

    Courtney Carver created Be More With Less in 2010 and is widely known in the minimalist community for her minimalist fashion challenge Project 333!

    Through her blog, Courtney inspires you to simplify your life and create more joy by decluttering and focusing on what really matters in your life! 

    4. The Minimalists

    The Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are widely known for the popular Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

    They are partly responsible for the popularity boom of minimalism and brought this lifestyle to the mainstream through their documentary while inspiring tons of people in the process! 

    In addition to their blog and documentaries, they also have a podcast called The Minimalist Podcast, YouTube Channel,  and are New York Times-bestselling authors

    They teach a variety of simple living topics and help provide actionable tips you can take on your journey to a more meaningful life with minimalism. 

    Some of the topics they discuss on their minimalist blog include:

    • Clutter 
    • Relationships
    • Explaining Minimalism
    • Career
    • Money
    • Clothes
    • Health
    • Mindfulness

    5. A To Zen Life

    Marissa from A to Zen Life started her minimalist journey as a hoarder and this was mostly due to emotional trauma from her past.

    However ever since she has embraced a frugal minimalist lifestyle with her family, she lives a completely different life than before!

    Her debt has been paid, her family has moved to Europe, and she continues to share her amazing story and minimalist lifestyle tips through her blog and YouTube Channel! 

    Marissa is one of the unique bloggers/business owners who could be equally known for her YouTube career as well! 

    Her YouTube Channel is north of 287k Subscribers and makes great videos displaying her tips and decluttering advice from her home. 

    Marissa’s blog has been featured in:

    • Well+Good
    • Redbook
    • Real Simple
    • Apartment Therapy
    • Country Living
    • Yahoo! Life
    • Yahoo! Finance
    • Home Edit
    • And more! 

    6. The Simplicity Habit

    Julianna of The Simplicity Habit has another inspiring simplicity story based around family and moving multiple times. 

    Like most of us, she realized she had more junk than she thought and this became more apparent after moving and realized how her clutter began to create anxiety and stress because she was unable to relax or sit still.

    The clutter was overwhelming and she began to gain a passion for simplicity and began decluttering her home!

    While gaining more experience minimizing her life, Julianna became a decluttering expert and loves helping others simplify their homes and lives! 

    Thus Julianna created The Simplicity Habit to share and encourage others to live a life of simplicity! 

    7.  Simple Lionheart Life

    Melissa of Simple Lionheart Life shares tons of tips for decluttering and living a minimalist lifestyle!

    Like many of the minimalist blogs on this list, Melissa emphasizes the fact that simplifying your life allows you to prioritize what matters most in your life!

    Melissa is awesome at providing practical home decluttering tips and helping inspire you to live a more relaxed intentional life. 

    8. Nourishing Minimalism

    Rachel from Nourishing Minimalism started her minimalism journey way back in 2008 and her goal with her minimalist aspirations was to find contentment and joy by spending more time with family and focusing on faith! 

    Ultimately, she determined that minimalism is not the goal, but a tool you can use to help you focus on what’s most important in your life! 

    Rachel provides great tips to help you create a peaceful home and shares methods to keep your space simplified! 

    9. Simply + Fiercely

    Jennifer from Simply + Fiercely shares another common theme with most of the minimalist bloggers on this list and that is living life to the fullest!

    Jennifer is a self-proclaimed “reformed shopaholic” turned minimalist and stands behind the notion that “decluttering is vital to creating the life you love!”

    On her blog you can find helpful tips for:

    • Decluttering
    • Creating a minimalist wardrobe
    • Starting your minimalist journey
    • Tons of minimalist lifestyle tips
    • And More!

    10. Balance Through Simplicity

    Antonia from Balance Through Simplicity shares her amazing simple living tips from her own experience of feeling overwhelmed and juggling multiple aspects of life.

    Like most of us, Antonia found that simplicity and decluttering your life allows you to feel more freedom and less stress. 

    Having a decluttered home allows Antonia to spend more time with her kids and more energy to spend with her family each day. 

    Now her life is more meaningful and has a “balance with her priorities rather than her stuff.” 

    Antonia teaches how you can:

    • Declutter your home
    • Simplify your life
    • Create space for what is most important in your life
    • How to make a better life for your family
    • And More!

    Balance Through Simplicity has been featured in:

    • The Observer
    • BBC Radio Sheffield
    • Introvert Spring
    • Optimal Living Dailly
    • Becoming Minimalist
    • And More! 

    11. Lady Decluttered

    Jes from Lady Decluttered is passionate about all things decluttering and organizing!

    After living on her own, Jes realized how stressful and overwhelming too much clutter can be on her mental health.

    To take back control over her life, Jes was determined to declutter and only keep what she found useful.

    Jes now shares her amazing decluttering tips and covers tons of extremely helpful topics including:

    • Decluttering and Organizing
    • Capsule Wardrobe
    • Intentional Living 
    • Easy Recipes
    • Home Decorating 
    • And More!

    12. Minimalism Made Simple

    Rebecca from Minimalism Made Simple started her minimalist journey by taking a huge risk, leaving her corporate job, and packing her belongings into a carry-on to travel the world.

    This is the type of inspiring minimalist story I would look up in my college days back in 2018 to look for alternative ways of living. 

    I found it so fascinating and freeing to have most of your belongings in a carry-on and be able to move around so easily!

    Now that Rebecca has gained quality experiences, she knows that experiences are most important and that living a life of intention is ideal for her!

    Minimalism Made Simple has been featured in:

    • Forbes
    • Mom Blog Society
    • Girl’s Life
    • Toronto Star
    • The Good Men Project

    13. Shannon Torrens

    Shannon Torrens is another great multi-platform blogger with great success on YouTube! 

    Her YouTube Channel has nearly 100k subscribers at the time of writing this post!

    Shannon creates content based on decluttering your home and continuing to live simply. 

    These topics range from:

    • Decluttering
    • Capsule Wardrobes
    • Organization Tips
    • Minimalist Lifestyle Tips
    • Saving Money
    • Recipes
    • Travel
    • Children
    • Home Decor
    laptop, glasses, notebook on desk; best minimalist blogs

    Benefits of Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

    On my blog, I’ve gone over tons of different benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle. 

    The benefits are the main reason I promote this lifestyle to others and wish others could enjoy it! 

    Here are some of my favorite benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle:

    1. Less Stress

    Clutter in our living space and in our lives can give us anxiety and add stress to our lives.

    Decluttering and reducing the amount of physical and emotional clutter can have a large impact in reducing this stress and allowing us to feel more peace of mind. 

    2. More Time

    Another great benefit of living a minimalist lifestyle is the fact that it gives you more time.

    You may be wondering how this is possible…

    But when you embrace a minimalist lifestyle…:

    …You save time doing laundry and other household chores! This in turn allows you to spend more time doing what you enjoy with your free time!

    3. Save More Money

    Lastly, saving more money is one of the best benefits of living a minimalist lifestyle! 

    Creating a budget can help you save money, but the concept of minimalism and only buying what you need is what allows you to put more money into savings each month. 

    When you maintain your minimalist wardrobe, you rarely need to buy new clothes and general shopping becomes something you do when there is a need and rarely for “wants”. 

    All of this allows you to save more money on “wants” that you may have carelessly spent on in the past! 

    piggy bank stuffed with money and change on the counter

    Best Minimalist Blogs

    Here are the Top 10 Minimalist blogs:

    1. Becoming Minimalist
    2. No Sidebar
    3. Be More With Less
    4. The Minimalists
    5. A To Zen Life
    6. The Simplicity Habit
    7. Simple Lionheart Life
    8. Nourishing Minimalism
    9. Simply + Fiercely
    10. Balance Through Simplicity

    Frugal Minimalist Blogs

    Here are 2 of the best frugal minimalist blogs:

    1. Simplistically Living
    2. Frugal Minimalist Kitchen


    What is The Concept of Minimalism?

    The concept of minimalism comes from the idea that our happiness is not tied to our possessions and that physical clutter can prevent us from experiencing the most joy in life!

    What do Minimalists do With Their Money?

    Minimalists mostly save money in various ways!

    Most minimalists look for ways to cut costs and prevent spending on things they don’t need. 

    Many minimalists seek to live a frugal minimalist lifestyle that allows them to achieve financial goals and save more whenever they can. 

    What is the 90/90 Rule For Minimalism?

    The 90/90 rule for minimalism was created by The Minimalists as a way to reduce your clutter and get rid of stuff you don’t use anymore. 

    Essentially you pick an item and ask yourself if you’ve used that item in the last 90 days. If not, ask yourself if you’ll use it in the next 90 days… 

    If the answer to that question is no, then you are free to let that item go!

    What is the 30/30 Rule For Minimalism?

    The 30/30 rule is another rule created by The Minimalists used to prevent “unnecessary purchases”.

    The 30/30 rule states that if something costs $30 or more, ask yourself if you can go without it for the next 30 hours. They also state that if an item is $100 or more, waiting 30 days might be a good idea! 

    Are Minimalists Actually Happier?

    While I can’t confirm whether all minimalists are happier than non-minimalists, I can say living this lifestyle is all about making your life more enjoyable and hence happier. 

    By getting rid of distractions and anything that prevents you from living the life you want, minimalism does bring more happiness and fulfillment depending on what you want from life. 

    In general, minimalists are happier because they make life changes in order to prioritize what they enjoy and what matters most to them! 

    If everything around you is what you enjoy, then your happiness and contentment increase! 

    mom and dad with daughter in their living room helping with homework

    Final Thoughts | 13 Best Minimalist Blogs That Will Make Your Minimalist Journey Easy

    I hope you discovered some awesome minimalist lifestyle blogs and check out all of their blogs on your minimalist journey!

    Just remember minimalism and simple living don’t happen overnight and are a process!

    You can’t declutter your house overnight and should take your time…

    Good luck on your minimalist journey!

    About Me: My name is Miguel and I’m a simple living and budget spreadsheet advocate! I’ve been decluttering my life since 2018 and love everything simple living related. I aim to help you learn how to live a simple life, become intentional with your spending, and manage your money right!

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