Are you looking for simple living tips to create serious change in your life!?

Simple living can improve your life in so many ways! 

Since I’ve embraced simple living, I experience less stress, have a decluttered closet, and save more money!

In addition to embracing simple living or a minimalist lifestyle, there are simple living habits you can try out in your daily life that can make a huge difference in your quality of life and happiness!

In this post, I’ll go over simple living tips that can make a positive impact on your life for the better! 

About Me: My name is Miguel and I’m a simple living and budget spreadsheet advocate! I’ve been decluttering my life since 2018 and love everything simple living related. I aim to help you learn how to live a simple life, become intentional with your spending, and manage your money right!

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7 Simple Living Tips That Will Improve Your Life:

1. Remove Your Phone From Your Room at Bedtime

We all know our phones can be huge distractions during the day, but at night they can be even worse!

According to the Sleep Foundation, the light from our phones can harm the melatonin production in our brains and thus hurt our ability to fall asleep and have restful sleep. 

One way to remedy this is to put your phone in another room while you sleep and leave it out of your bedroom. 

This way you won’t be tempted to stay up and spend hours scrolling and lose out on sleep. 

In addition, if you have evening activities that you’d like to accomplish, then your phone can distract you from these activities.

Here are some evening activities that you may be putting off due to going on your phone at night:

  • Reading
  • Stretching
  • Journaling
  • Creating a To-do List
  • Practice gratitude

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    2. Read More

    Reading may be something we’re neglecting at night due to our phones as I mentioned above, but in general reading more is one of the best simple living activities you can do for yourself.

    Here are some of the science-based benefits of reading more according to

    • Increased intelligence
    • Increased empathy
    • Helps with relaxation
    • Helps you sleep 

    So not only is reading a great activity you can do without electronics, it’s also a great way to spend your time to improve various aspects of your life!

    3. Wake Up Earlier

    There’s a reason most successful people wake up early! It provides a healthy start to the day and opportunities to get more done than you thought was possible. 

    Waking up earlier can allow you to handle tasks before the sun rises like:

    • Exercise
    • Reading 
    • Journaling 
    • Emails
    • Stretching
    • Quiet time

    Getting these important tasks done in the morning before your day even starts can be a huge boost and give you a positive start to your day!

    The only trouble with getting up early is consistently going to bed on time and getting enough sleep.

    Here are some tips for waking up early:

    • Dont eat close to bedtime (2-4 hours)
    • Keep electronics off before bed
    • Get to bed at a reasonable time
    • Read before bedtime
    • Create a nighttime routine
    • Create a morning routine

    And for some extra inspiration, check out The 5-AM Club by Robin Sharma. I haven’t finished this book yet, but it gives some great tips and inspiration for transforming your life by rising early.

    minimalist bedroom; simple living tips

    4. Create a Nighttime Routine

    As we just mentioned the importance of waking up early, creating a nighttime routine is one of the best ways to be consistent with your sleeping habits and early morning habits.

    A lot of people say the day starts with a successful morning, however, the next day really starts the night before.

    If you’ve stayed up late and got little rest, your entire day may be ruined based on that choice the night before. 

    Furthermore creating a nighttime routine doesn’t need to be complicated…

    It should be something simple that you enjoy and can repeat night after night. This example nighttime routine can include the following steps:

    1. Shower
    2. Wash face
    3. Brush teeth
    4. Read
    5. Journal
    6. Hit the pillow

    The emphasis should be on relaxation and prepping for sleep. 

    So as tempting as it may be, I would recommend leaving your phone in a different room or not using it before bed to prevent getting distracted and staying up too late. 

    women waking up and stretching facing her window

    5. Create a Morning Routine

    Now that you have developed your nighttime routine, the next simple living tip is all about creating a morning routine to start your day off right!

    As we mentioned above, waking up early can make you more productive, and creating a morning routine is the second part of that equation!

    Your morning routine should be something simple and something that brings you joy each day. 

    The goal of this morning routine is to be productive and use our valuable morning time to do a task that will get us closer to our goals.

    These goals can be:

    • Exercise to get in shape
    • Working on your side hustle/business
    • Practice a new language
    • Read more of a book you enjoy
    • Stretch to become more flexible

    Whichever reason you decide to create a morning routine, make it something that brings meaning to your life and gets you closer to what you really want!

    This way the most important thing you want to accomplish in your day is already completed!

    Woman holding money and typing on calculator; simple living tips to create a budget

    6. Create a Budget

    One of the best simple living tips that has changed my life is creating a budget and tracking all of my expenses.

    Before learning more about personal finance and becoming frugal, I was not very good with money and my spending was out of control! 

    But now that I’ve been tracking my expenses using a spreadsheet, I plan out my spending and have become much more intentional with my money.

    This has helped me to pay off nearly all of my student loan debt ($26k) and save money for emergencies. 

    I recommend anyone who is in debt and having trouble with their spending to create a minimalist budget and track every expense each month!

    This will develop discipline and make you think twice before you spend on “wants” rather than “needs”. 

    7. Make a Goal List

    Last but not least, making a goal list is a great way to establish focus and intent in your life! 

    Goals are great but prioritizing your goals is even better!

    Warren Buffet’s Two Lists also known as the 5/25 Rule are great ways to get started! 

    This activity is all about prioritization and utilizing your time and efforts towards your most important goals first.

    First: Create a list of your top 25 goals.

    Next: Circle your top 5 highest priority goals from your list.

    Now that you have your top 5 goals circled, you will avoid the remaining 20 goals at all costs until those 5 highest priority goals are completed.

    I have done this exercise and it is very powerful to help you zone in on what you really want to achieve and what’s most important.

    Give it a try and see if it helps you prioritize your life! 

    Posted note on wall that says "GOALS" and listed 1-3; simple living tips

    How Can You Simplify Your Life?

    There is no right or wrong way to simplify your life! However, you can take some steps to get started!

    Here are ways that you can simplify your life:

    • Create a minimalist wardrobe
    • Develop a capsule wardrobe
    • Start decluttering your stuff that you don’t use or need
    • Start decluttering your home
    • Simplify your finances (create a budget, consolidate your bank accounts, build a solid financial foundation)
    • Reduce items on your schedule
    • Focus on what matters in your life

    Final Thoughts | 7 Simple Living Tips That Will Improve Your Life:

    These are some simple living activities that I have given a try and have greatly improved my life for the better! 

    I’m still improving my discipline and routines but I love experimenting and seeing which routines work best.

    I hope these simple living tips have inspired you to make positive changes in your life and I wish you good luck on your simple living journey! 

    About Me: My name is Miguel and I’m a simple living and budget spreadsheet advocate! I’ve been decluttering my life since 2018 and love everything simple living related. I aim to help you learn how to live a simple life, become intentional with your spending, and manage your money right!

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