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6 Unique Ways A Minimalist Approach To Life Can Lead To More Peace & Happiness

minimalist approach to life for more happiness

This post explains how a minimalist approach to life can lead to more peace and happiness! 

A minimalist approach to life can lead to more peace and happiness in various ways. While this lifestyle will not directly bring about these things, it can pave the road and clear the path for more peace and happiness to enter into your life.

By eliminating the stresses and anxieties of “excess clutter”, we can begin to feel more at ease and more peaceful with what we have.

A minimalist approach to life isn’t all about “physical” things, but more so about a mindset change to live the life you really want, rather than pursuing more “things” that only bring temporary happiness. 



Don’t Look At Minimalism As The Goal

This may seem confusing at first, but hear me out…

Minimalism and simple living are great things to add to your life but don’t mistake the destination for the tool. 

Simple Living and Minimalism should be used as a tool or stepping stone to get to your destination. 

Your destination could be a more stress-free life or having more fun with your children.

Minimalism can help you to connect more with these life goals and help you to put your whole heart into these endeavors. 



Minimalism In My Life

Having a more minimalist approach to life has done so many positive things for me . I honestly can’t imagine having so many clothes like I used to! 

Just having the right amount of things feels much better than having more than I need!

Here are some of the positives that I get from living a more simplistic lifestyle:

  • Less mental clutter/ anxiety from excess “stuff”
  • No decision fatigue from picking clothes to wear (I swear by a minimalist wardrobe!)
  • Easier Laundry + Less time spent doing laundry with less clothes
  • The feeling of being more “free” with less stuff to worry about
  • Ease of movement and travel (faster + easier packing)


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minimalist approach to life brings more happiness




1. A Minimalist Lifestyle Gives You More Time

minimalist approach to life gives you more time

In life, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Simplifying your stuff, your mindset, and your life are all ways that you can maximize the time that you have in your day.

A minimalist approach to life certainly doesn’t add more hours to your day, but it does remove time taken from other tasks that will no longer take as much time as before. 

Here are some of the best ways you will save time with a minimalist lifestyle:

  • Save time cleaning
  • Less time doing laundry
  • Save time organizing
  • Saves you time picking out outfits in the morning

So as you can see this lifestyle saves you plenty of time from some of the more time consuming and unpleasant tasks. 

Now with this extra time you’ll be able to spend more time with family or spend more time pursuing your passion. 

This extra time will bring you much more joy and lead to greater overall happiness in your life even if its just a few hours or 30 minutes in your day!


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2. Reduced Clutter = Less To Worry About = Less Stress

Here in America, consumerism is everything. America is the poster child for consumerism and excess.

More is better and bigger is better is the culture. 

Bigger houses, more cars, and more stuff. This is something that a lot of people believe will bring the ultimate happiness. And maybe it does, but…


With more stuff comes more responsibility. 


And with more responsibility comes more added stress. 


I don’t know about you, but the more I need to think about and keep track of, the more headaches I get. 

When there is less on my plate and things are simple, I feel more at ease and less stressed. 

Owning too many “things” and living a lavish life of excess seems nice on the surface, but the more you own, the more time and attention needs to go into these things. 

A minimalist approach to life will bring simplicity and lower anxieties and stress from too much clutter and possessions. 



3. Simplicity Helps Your Productivity & Organization

minimalist approach to life more organization

While there are tons of tips out there for productivity and organization, one of the easiest ways to improve both is to simplify your life. 

Reducing your possessions and having a neat and organized work area will no doubt increase your ability to focus and thus improve your productivity at home. 

Your desk organization will be much faster and easier when you need less things cluttering up your work space. 

This is great if you’re still working from home due to Covid or working on side projects! 

With this new simplistic workspace you can gain more peace and satisfaction with higher productivity!



4. Minimalism Will Make Your Life Easier

Without a doubt this has to be one of my favorite ways that minimalism brings me more peace and happiness!

I mean who doesn’t want their life to be easier in some way?

As stated above, this simplistic lifestyle will save you tons of time to use for yourself. 

In addition to some of those time saving benefits there are additional benefits that allow your life to be sooo much easier!

Here’s a few ways that simple living can make your life easier:

  • Quicker laundry  
  • Save more money 
  • Less time deciding what to wear
  • Reduced decision fatigue
  • Less mental clutter
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Easier cleaning and organization

By making simple around the house chores, tasks, and other worldly duties easier, you can pave the way to greater happiness and definitely more peace! 


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5. Minimalism Helps You Find More Meaning

In life we face many challenges. 

Along with life challenges, there are many times that we may feel stuck and we need to take a step back and do some soul searching.

That’s where decluttering and simplifying come in…

By removing the excess clutter (physical and mental) you will be more ready to go to the core of the issues in your life. 

When we can resolve issues and difficulties in our life, you are more prepared to look for more meaning and go for your passions in life. 

However, what keeps us from finding more meaning in our life?


The Problem: The Pursuit of “temporary happiness”


Pursuing the quick gratification from acquiring more “things” is one of the biggest impediments to finding more meaning in your life.

This is because you’re just filling your life up with stuff on a surface level, but the root of your discontent is within you. 

The temporary gratification from purchases can only last so long and that’s why we feel the need to continue shopping even when we already  have enough. 

This is what that pursuit leads to:

  • Excess Consumerism
  • Needless Shopping
  • Keeping Up With The Joneses


The Solution: Learning To Be Content With What We Already Have & Need


Contrary to popular belief, we should actually stop searching for happiness in “physical things” and instead reflect on your passions and what gives you the most joy in life.

This passion will help you to find meaning and remove feelings of being stuck in life. 



6. A Minimalist Approach Can Help You Clean Up Your Life

Along with feeling stuck in life, you may also feel that you need an immediate overhaul of your current situation.

In other words you need to clean up your life and clear out the unnecessary junk!

Again the point here is that minimalism won’t directly make you “happier”, but it can clear the way to bring more joy and meaning into your life. 

When all of that unnecessary junk is out of the way, you’ll be able to put more important tasks, habits, and passions in the forefront of your life. 

For instance, getting rid of clutter from a guest room could help you to use that room as a workout room instead.

Thus promoting a great habit. 

Another option could be deleting certain apps like youtube off of your phone and decluttering your technology. 

That way the time wasted on youtube and social media could be spent reading or pursuing a passion you’ve been putting off. 

Remember Minimalism can’t solve everything

Minimalism won’t eliminate stress entirely from your life

Constricting finances and a stressful job situation will not go away just because you’ve decided to change the way you live. 

What Minimalism will do instead is  remove extra stress from your situation

Just remember your anxieties and issues from everyday life are unavoidable but you will definitely lessen your burden when you simplify your life and downsize!


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Key Takeaways

  • A minimalist approach to life doesn’t add more time to your day but it allows you to perform other less desirable tasks faster which will give you more time for what you want!
  • Reducing your physical clutter can not only help you reduce stress but can lower you mental burden with less clutter in the back of your mind.
  • Having less stuff around provides an environment with less distraction and less to worry about. This can increase you productivity and naturally make organization easier.
  • A minimalist lifestyle will make your life so much easier with time, finances, mental fatigue, stress, and more!
  • Minimalism and simple living clear the way for you to find more of what brings you long lasting joy instead of temporary happiness that materialism brings.



Closing Thoughts 

Minimalism can absolutely bring more peace and happiness into your life if you so choose. This isn’t something that takes place overnight, but instead a process that can lead you to a better place in life. 

I encourage anyone to give this lifestyle a try and see if it gives you any amazing benefits and brings you closer to peace and happiness!



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