why minimalism is popular

This post is all about why minimalism is popular!

If we look at society at face value, we understand that we live in a consumer-based society. This is taken to a whole other level here in the United States. Having things is nice but the majority of the people in middle to upper-class homes most likely live in excess…

This includes:

  • Clothes
  • Sporting gear 
  • Furniture
  • Luxury items
  • Just “stuff” to fill the house

Now if you were to ask the majority of people on the street…,

What do you want out of life? 

Most people at the core of their responses…would be that they would like to be happy.

Our Core Values

Being happy and content is a core desire for our species and the way we’re wired. You may already know where this is going based on the title of this post. But the problem in our lives when it comes to happiness isn’t necessarily about our “stuff” or belongings. It’s the fact that we often try to seek happiness or fulfillment in our belongings. 

However, deep down outward possessions can never satisfy us. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but that’s why we have to keep buying things so we keep getting that high or dopamine hit of something “new”. 

This not only hemorrhages our finances but also fills our life with tons of unnecessary and unused junk that clutters our space.    

This is where minimalism comes into play…(or simple living…whateverrrrr you prefer)

I know I’ve bought a lot of things in search of fulfillment and it has never worked. Finally cutting down on my possessions has helped me cut down on waste and get back in touch with myself and my experiences in life. 

In this post, I will tell you all about how minimalism can enhance your life.

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why minimalism is popular

1. Minimalism Allows for Self Reflection

A lot of people use things as distractions. The more things you have the less focus you have to put on yourself. We can also think material possessions are the solution to our problems.

We think that finally getting that new pair of shoes we’ve been eyeing will make us feel great, but that feeling doesn’t last long. 

When we pair things down we are almost forced to be with ourselves. This is good because we can finally find ourselves and see what we actually enjoy, value, and care about.

More time with ourselves will give us more purpose and allow us to find what will actually fulfill us.

2. A Minimalist lifestyle offers Change

A lot of times we can get stuck feeling like we are in a rut. Going through the motions of our day-to-day can be exhausting.

Simple living not only cuts down all the unnecessary time we spend on the things we own but it can also change our mindset.

Spending less time on things can give us more time to ourselves and our space. You can finally create your dream space away from the world. Ridding your home of unused, unseeded items, creates a new fresh clean look and allows you to redefine your space. 

This also gives you time to work on yourself and your life. Instead of spending your Sunday reorganizing your house, you can spend it out in the world going on new adventures and creating new memories. 

3. You Realize That Your Relationships Are More Important Than Belongings

It’s easy to get lost in the moment when your partner gives you another thoughtful gift. It shows they care. But your relationship is more than just gifts. When you realize you don’t need a new piece of jewelry every Valentine’s Day then you can start to appreciate the small things in your relationship that actually mean more! Things like

  • The connection you have 
  • Your love for each other 
  • The experiences you share
  • The life you’ve built 
  • Memories

These things are the core of every relationship. It’s easy to get distracted by gifts. The actual connection with your partner is what is important. If you celebrate your relationship and each other on holidays and other special occasions you can grow closer and create memories that will last forever. 

4. You Realize That Your Experiences Are More Valuable

Money and things can come and go but you can’t get time back. For the most part, the items we have don’t stay with us forever. 

Memories are things that last us a lifetime. 

If you cut down on the things you own and increase the adventures you take, you’ll have experiences more valuable than any item you could ever buy. This can manifest in different ways!

One scenario could be your desire to buy that brand-new handbag or maybe even a car you’ve been saving up for over the years, but instead, you choose to spend that money on a fancy vacation or trip with family and friends. 

Sure you would’ve enjoyed buying those items mentioned above, but making memories and going after experiences is what can really bring you joy over the long run. 

When you’re older and retired you may think fondly over those things you bought but those real lasting memories that stay in your heart are the ones that come from your experiences with the people you love. 

5. Minimalism Helps You Find Happiness In Other Ways

why is minimalism so popular

We live in a world where it seems like material things will bring you happiness. The newest fashion trends, most high-tech items, and expensive home décor are things that will surely bring us joy, right?

This is usually not the case. These might make us happy short term but pretty quickly we realize that is not to fulfill us.

When we take the importance out of material items we have time for things that will actually fulfill us, like:

  • Spending time with friends and family
  • Putting more energy into our relationships
  • Traveling
  • Putting more time into our own well-being

These are the things that really enhance our lives. Living simply allows you to put more time and attention on the really important things.

6. Minimalism Helps Your Finances

The minimalist lifestyle is a great way to stay on track with your budget. If you get back to the basics and start only using what you need you’ll cut down on all those unnecessary expenses.

Things like a capsule wardrobe are a great way to create a thing of things you’ll use every day and cut down on excess spending and waste.

7. Simple Living Makes Your Life Easier

When you’re getting ready in the morning do you have a hard time deciding what to wear? Do you have a hard time finding your keys to leave on time?

When you’re packing for a trip do you often overpack? Do you spend a lot of time trying to find places to put more things or organizing?

Minimalism could be the key to fixing all of these problems. 

8. Minimalism Creates A Peaceful Clean Home Environment

Cutting down on what you own and getting back down to only having things you’ll use will make your home more clean and organized. Having too many things can cause clutter which can ultimately cause stress.

Your home is your safe space so coming home to a messy house can stop you from getting peace and relaxation.  

9. Minimalism Can Help You Be More Productive

Having fewer things can help increase your productivity. Living simply can help you spend less time cleaning or organizing. It can also create less stress. When there is clutter it is always at the top of your mind. It can cause problems like:

  • Trying to find lost items
  • Thinking about when you are going to tidy up
  • Trying to find space for all your things 

Why waste time on all of these things? 

If you cut down on what you own you will have space for everything, it will be easy to stay organized, and you can put more time into the things on your to-do list. 

Before You Leave…

Now that you have a better picture of why minimalism is popular, try some decluttering and simplify your life in any way that you can!

Simple living can definitely improve your productivity over time and to help with your simple living goals check out these productivity planners for FREE! 

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